Star Apple is here to reform the traditional M&A deals, creating a system that allows equal participation of the general public, transaction accessibility, and zero involvement of any third parties in the M & A processes.

Star Apple Platform also Designed to Solve The Following Problems.

1). Securing Access to M&A Through DAO FUND Operation

2). Operate a Professional Research Agency.

3). Improvement of Cost Efficiency Using Blockchain System.

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LEVEREX makes both spot and futures simple and convenient among existing exchanges. It was created so that anyone can easily access it. As a split NFT exchange rather than the existing NFT exchange, it is better than the
existing NFT exchange in line with the flow of coins. It is made to be more trendy and
accessible from the customer’s point of view. Visit their website

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⏰Activity Period: 08:00, February 8 - 08:00 March 1 UTC+8

Sign up the form for activity registration:

🎁Rules and Rewards:
During the activity, the Bamboo team set 4 target prices, which are 4$, 7$, 10$, and 15$ respectively. During the activity, the user who purchases Bamboo and is the first to buy Bamboo at the target price (4$, 7$, 10$, 15$) can get 20,000 USDT respectively, and the number of buying amount must be ≥10 Bamboo. The total prize pool is 80,000 USDT.
During the activity, users who trade Bamboo on the day with the highest Bamboo price with a trading volume of no less than 50 Bamboo, can share 20,000 USDT in the proportion to the trading volume.

📌📌You can purchase here:📌📌




✅Incorporation of new personnel to NexxyoLabs.
✅Partial implementation of the project on the Ethereum’s testnet.
✅Start of marketing campaigns.
✅Beginning of the Telegram communities and groups.
✅First Agreement with Exchange: ChainX
✅First code audit performed by red4sec.
🔸Launch of the Pre-Sale on November 6th.
🔸Launch of first phase of IEO in ChainX December 25.
🔸Total implementation of tool on the Ethereum testnet.

🔥Bamboo DeFi (BAMBOO) IEO🔥

🔥Sale session : Dec 25, 2020 - Jan 30, 2021

🔥Price : 1BAMBOO = 0.0009 ~ 0.0015ETH

🔥For more information 👇

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